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Photographing weddings is something I do often, and I always feel the same nerves and excitement. Days before I begin cleaning, preparing, selecting, and charging the batteries of the equipment I plan to use. But the day you’re going to photograph the wedding of two of your best friends, all of the feelings multiply, because we are there, together, living the process of falling in love, and feeling the emotions of one of the biggest days of their lives. The day they asked me to be their photographer, of course, I accepted. I felt a great sense of responsibility to enjoy the celebration of my two best friends, and to capture every single moment until the bride is the last person at the party.

The celebration took place in Acapulco at Hotel Las Brisas. The couple is from Brazil, so the family of both the bride and groom arrived days before to enjoy that beautiful coastal city, along with the rest of their friends. Everyone was enjoying one another during the previous days: beach and pool days, cooking in the evenings, and awaiting to celebrate our best friend’s big day. My videographer, Gabriel Silva of Emoga Films, and I planned to create a video and photobook of their Acapulco wedding. To take advantage of our time there, we scheduled a photo and video shoot one day before the wedding. We planned to use this day to add to their story; to show the bride and groom with their family, with each other, and to capture their emotions as they prepared for their wedding the next day. We used a drone to add to the visual element and capture the surrounding areas of Acapulco.

We all arrived for the wedding at 5 pm, just as the sun was preparing to set. The lighting was perfect and soft. We began photographing the family, and the groom, as we all anxiously awaited the bride to arrive. Minutes later, we see the car arrive with the bride. The groom lights up as he knows she just arrived. He begins his walk to the altar with his father, as the guests, the parents, and finally the bride, slowly follow down the aisle. The bride looks like a queen, and it all feels like a royal event. One of the greatest moments came when the father handed over her hand to him. To everyone’s surprise, a great friend was leading the ceremony. There couldn’t have been anyone more perfect. He is strong, peaceful, loving, and spiritual.

My heart began to beat strong, there were many emotions, to hear the words of our great friend, and to see my two friends so excited with their eyes full of tears, so much emotion, so many friends feeling love and celebrating with the utmost respect. It was inevitable to cry. This day was so special for me. Doing what I love the most, and being able to share these photographs in order to share emotions and relive the moments at any time. It is without a doubt a great pleasure and privilege, that all my effort was rewarded when I delivered the photographs to the bride and groom. Seeing their eyes full of tears once more is something I will never forget.

We were so happy to have captured the chemistry, personality, and characteristics of the newly married couple, filled with so much love, patience, and goodwill. Thank you Bianca and Junior for giving us the opportunity to do what we love.

Photographers: Diego Chas & Gabriela Hernandez

Video Emoga Films

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