Puerto Vallarta Wedding Photographer


Casa Del Mar, Conchas Chinas, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, July 10, 2020

Andrea and Luis were set to marry this summer but Covid canceled their wedding plans. They decided to take their honeymoon anyway and came to Puerto Vallarta with four of their best friends. Then they had the brilliant idea of combining their honeymoon and wedding. It would be a small and intimate “Native American Wedding”, only the six of them on the beautiful beachfront Casa Del Mar in Conchas Chinas.

A Native American Wedding is a spiritual event based on the indigenous traditions of American Indians, symbolizing the union of duality: day and night, sun and the moon, masculine and feminine, and the duality of the universe reflected in the spirituality and beliefs of the couple.

For this, they chose the service of Native Ceremonies in Puerto Vallarta.

Andrea was radiant in a beautiful white dress and a large veil. Luis had a huge smile on his face, so eager to see his future wife. The “first look” was in the pool where he was surprised to see her so radiant and beautiful. We had a small photoshoot to capture this very emotional moment. We then went down to a beautiful esplanade where a beautiful view of the sea awaited us. The sun was setting and creating the perfect “golden hour.”

We were ready to start the ceremony.

It was a simple, emotional, and magical ceremony with a spectacular sunset over the Pacific Sea. The guide asked permission from the four cardinal points. He made a clean one with copal and blew his seashell. He mentioned the ancient tradition of spiritual character to which they had chosen and celebrated the union in a sacred act. An energetic link that united the couple physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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