Chas Photography Puerto Vallarta Wedding


We love hearing love stories, knowing how they met each other and began to fall in love. Alejandro and Afra have a beautiful story, a story of love, courage, and dedication. Afra was 19 years old. She was in her first week of university. She felt stressed about her studies, making new friends, and more importantly, finding a romantic relationship.

Enter Alejandro.

Alejandro was 23 years old. He accidentally walked into Afra’s classroom looking for the library. She said, “It was love at first sight.” She continues, “He looked very handsome, well-groomed, and dressed in a shirt and suspenders. I could not wait to find out who that boy was!” They immediately became friends.

Their friendship grew over three months, at which point they became a couple. Only four months later, they decided to get married. Yes, they were both very young but they were very sure of what they wanted for their lives. They loved each other so much and wanted to start a family. As they were both starting college, they had very little money and Afra’s family did not support their relationship developing so fast. But they decided to move forward anyway, they couldn’t wait to begin their new lives together.

They graduated from university, built a family, and now have four beautiful children! After 25 years of marriage, they decided to renew their vows, full of so much love and gratitude for the day Alejandro accidentally walked into her classroom so many years ago. Thank you, Alejandro and Afra, for choosing me to photograph this very special day of renewing your vows. Twenty-five years of marriage is a huge accomplishment. ¡Felicitaciones!

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